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Team sport is all about: stamina, skill and... deep thinking. 


Start your little ones early and they’ll take what they learn from our non-contact Rugby sessions and apply it in all aspects of their lives, for all of their lives. It’s why, after all, the great schools of the past favoured the sport – and why the best ones in all sectors still do. 


From your child’s point of view though, FUN is the point. Our classes are designed to make Rugby the best game they play all week! They won’t even notice the educational benefits and character forming they’re developing.


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As Ralph Waldo Emerson said more than a century ago; “Sport is the bloom and glow of perfect health.” Children want to play – and they need to play. Free play develops creativity. Structured play develops focus, co-operation and leadership.


That’s why so many parents are eager to get their little boys and girls into the game. And it’s never too early to start. 


Our classes are designed to give your kids the kick-start they need to gain the confidence, poise and strategic smarts they’ll need right throughout their lives.


They might not become the next Dylan Hartley’s or George Ford’s or George North’s or Ronan O’Gara’s... but they’ll have a better chance to excel on the field of life.


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