Junior Rugby - Little Rugby Classes and child development for 2 to 3.5 years

Junior Rugby

You need to stay with your children, but you don’t have to take part.


This is the youngest age group we offer, and it’s usually the first time many children get involved in a truly sporting environment, or group activity. The programme develops children’s all round physical, emotional and cognitive skills. We do that through exciting, fun and imaginative games.


You can join in if your child is not used to playing and learning independently yet, though we’ll help them quickly gain the confidence to do so. Those that can play independently, we encourage parents to watch and cheer from the side-lines. Kids love that. 


This approach creates the best learning environment for all children within this age group. 


Disguised Learning Through Play


Our games cleverly disguise the learning aspect so the children just focus on playing. The more the children enjoy the games, the more they participate. That leads to greater confidence, which in turn enables self-initiated participation and independent play.



Junior Rugby teaches the fundamentals of rugby in a fun learning environment through a series of games using our tried and tested structure. 

Key Features:

- 45-minute class
- Weekly classes
- Two coaches for up to 18 children (max)
- Each new starter receives a kit

Stages of Development
Social, Emotional & Cognitive
  • Comprehension of activities and attention increases.
  • Confidence improves leading to independent participation.
  • Awareness of surroundings still needs development and will require strong direction from coaches.
  • Improved body control.
  • Stamina and speed improves.
  • Coaches implement more complicated movements at varying heights and speeds.
Rugby Specific
  • Competent directional throwing.
  • Learning the basics of catching and can competently throw and catch with coach
  • Develop evasive running.
  • Is able to complete a variety of hand-eye coordination skills.


The primary goal is for children to love their classes and further develop their skills. This passion builds enough confidence for children to participate independently.

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Junior Rugby

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