Mega Rugby. Little Rugby child development rugby classes for 5 years to 7th Birthday

Mega Rugby


5 years to 7th birthday

You need to stay with your children, but you don’t have to take part.

Mega Rugby brings together all the skills learnt and introduces your child to real rugby matches. 

It’s all about skills - social and cognitive and, of course rugby. Now, your child will be able to put those skills to good use in a 20-minute match that ends each session. Come on!

The focus is on fair play, as well as knowledge, understanding and the practical application of the rules. 

Key Features:

- Children play independently of their parent/guardian

 - 50-minute class

 - Weekly classes

 - Two coaches for up to 18 children (max)

 - Each new starter receives a rugby kit

Progressive Challenges and Matches

We deliberately make sure that the games get more and more challenging. But each child is encouraged to work within their own ability. This is the age when kids get more competitive naturally, so it’s the right time to teach them to challenge themselves and one another. 


Mega Kickers teaches the fundamentals of football in a fun learning environment through a series of games using our tried and tested structure. The stages of development below outline our expectations for this age group:

Stages of Development
Social, Emotional & Cognitive
  • Can play any game with good attention and awareness skills.
  • Develops an understanding of the importance of team play.
  • Develops an understanding of positional play in real match scenarios.
  • There is a focus on awareness that it is not winning or losing that is the most important thing but making an effort, playing fair and learning from the experience.
  • Strong sense of place and identity within the session.
  • Improved ability for the body to respond to certain physical movements and activities.
  • Children develop an understanding of what their bodies are capable of and how additional effort can enhance performance.
Rugby Specific
  • Strong control and evasive running skills.

  • Mastery of throwing techniques such as short and spin

  • Able to receive a pass and transition the ball quickly.

  • Understands how individuals working as a unit benefit the
    whole team.
  • Confidently able to play a match.
  • Can perform a variety of different kicks with accuracy and power.


Mega Rugby classes aim to be challenging. Children are able to transfer their Rugby skills into a real match environment. Children are also taught valuable life lessons such as fair play, teamwork and the importance of hard work.

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